Who`s The Coolest?

Who`s The Coolest?

Track by Def Tech




Who's the coolest, what's the hottest thing now? Kind of foolish when you stop and think about it Everybody at the party trying to impress The rest with less, easy to lose interest In a cycle of thought that keeps you running Gunning your wallet to keep you stunning Trapped in a materialistic society Why can't we all live altruistically, huh? Cool is a circle just like fashion Destined to bring together wack colors that's clashing Lasting only for a short time Cool, is all up in your mind… Who's the coolest? What's the hottest thing now? Kind of foolish when you stop stop think about it つまりだれがすげぇかっけぇか? It's not just a entertainer, carpenter 「毎日働くフリーアルバイター」 だけじゃなくパートのおばちゃま ライムスターSHIROの美学「Bボーイズム」 「男は顔じゃないぜ中身だ!」 見栄、虚栄、つっぱり、かざり、きどり、 うでっぷし、マネー、パワー、ステイタス、才能と情報 これらの全ては ほとんど偽物に 寄ってくる女は bitch か hoe だまされる男は馬鹿か阿呆 メッキはすべてさびてくずれる その化粧も割れ化け皮はがれる Don't ya know it's been too long Woman society is getting strong No way to stand up and be wrong You my dear are not alone Don't you know it's at a peak Man society is getting weak No way to fix up this damn leak You my dear just have to speak 今の今の今までよりは男性が完全に弱くなってる! 「黙って男は♪♪♪ビール」が終わると アルバのギャルオにフェミオ 飲みあかすロメオ 歌うジュリエット 今夜も「ロンリーチャップリン」をデュエット クエッ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ボール向井は いまだに「あーすごい!!」 You gonna sit there and tell me man's time has come to an end? You gotta be kidding if you think I'm gonna let you pretend The reign of kings is gonna be exterminated Thousands of years of history can't be debated We made it, created, all that's around you Taking it for granted is how you proving me true Redo your thinking, then get back at me It's coming down to the line a true race it will be This mixture's Jawaiian Sometimes you can't understand This is why we trying Struggling till we dying And we stopped all the bad thinking Don't stop, keep it going, no quitting Keep pushing and creating Now you'll be a real Queen or King Now I know what ya'll be thinking right now Those two Def Tech's are floating way up in da clouds Something about our heads blown up by fame I regret to inform you, you stoking that flame Our heads are clear, yo, we salary men Loving this music we producing, and then, We heading out, spreading out to send a seed Across the globe and back Def Tech is what the world needs 食う寝る遊ぶだけじゃなく願う Defがエイジアばかりでなく世界ねらう 第二のビートルズ(help!!)+坂本九 グラミー穫るため上向いて歩く テクテクあるく暇なく時計はTic Tac Defのチャートは今年もTip Top! オレらもL-VOKALじゃないけど 「聞きわけろよ、Hip HopとPop!!」


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