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Pioneer the Frontier

Pioneer the Frontier

Track by Wu-Tang Clan


作詞:E. Turner/J. Hunter/L. Hawkins/R. Diggs

Verse 1: We don't hunt deer Vegetarian dishes from the concierge Presidential suites presidential treats Brazilian models falling at my feet 10 days a month my girl pays for lunch 3 days a week we work out at Crunch Time after time line after line I stocking pieces rhyme after rhyme In the valley of San Fernando I found Q-Tips wallet in El segundo Body been spotted on Telemundo With more wild cards than a box of Uno I spin like propeller my dog like ole yeller How long at the moon my goons echo teller Hook 1: This how the Wu-Tang roll This how the Wu-Tang roll Verse 2: Yo I got my hands in the pie 500 grand in the yacht I'm the dope man with plans to expand on every block Wu- brand legendary hands hards as penitinary rock Now put that to your temple The Wu- symbol about to drop and serve the ream on my block Got that lean on my bop what that mean High self esteem straight cream on the top Karate chops similar UFC kick box or kick rocks Dirty trucker pitstop shit rams in his Ziplock Watch how the Pitbull lock his jaws than lock your doors Feds watch the boards hip hop spills out my pores I be raw 4 plus 4 plus 7 more Declaring rock the tours we be them reservoir dogs Hook 2: Pioneer the frontier Pioneer the frontier Pioneer the frontier Pioneer the frontier Verse 3: Guaranteed I bang hard I plan to leave the game large No brainwash the devil himself could not persuade God My blade's sharp circle my square like daddy ring hard Before I leave your head in your hands What's your name, hah? My lines get in your cells like 7 Is Any problem I address you like I'm sending your mail Let me do well they rather see me dead or in jail But let it be my life story if they ever do tell Now I die for what I live our intimate connection for that infinite reflection That's my wife and my kids There is a price on my lid so now stocks higher shots fired By niggers who were tight with the kid I'm hot as hell kitchen with the oven on Dead bomb Teflon the rep is nothing to a don If I'm fronting then respond if not don't whoop your arms It's the killer bees swarming your set the fuck is y'all Verse 4: Your entering the 36 mastering the 18th chamber 6 Hands that will crush bricks bats that will break backs This what you all wanted back, a classic cool RZA track With mathematic actual facts that weigh heavy The universal strike and attack dance the drunken medley Long axe sleigh machete the shadow stepping ninja Hook 2

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