Pause 4 Porno feat. Jake Steed

Pause 4 Porno feat. Jake Steed

Track by Dr. Dre


作曲:Laylow/Aaron Harris

Y'all ready to get nasty? Yeah! Shit! Yeah! Oh Damn! Oh, that pussy is good tho Oh, shit! It's good! Oh! Oh! Fuck, you hurtin' me bitch! Oh shit! Oh! Oh, yeah you're da bitch, bitch! Fuck! Oh! Oh shit! You're hurtin' me! Damn! You're hurtin' me! Damn! Oh! Damn! You're makin' my pussy sore, bastard! Oh shit! Oh, my nuts! Aw, Fuck me! Oh! Fuck Oh shit yo' face! Oh Oh, damn, damn, damn, oh, Shit, oh, Fuckin' in my ass, bastard! Shit! Oh, oh, damn! Oh, shit I can't see! Oh Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Fuck! Whore! Ah Damn, that shit was good Ah, oh shit Oh, my god Oh oh oh Damn Oh, that shit feels so good Oh oh oh Shit! Oh, get the fuck up! Oh, get the fuck up now! Oh you fucked the shit out of us! Fuckin' big dick master! Oh shit! Aight Oh shit! Aight, chill, chill, chill, give me five minutes, damn! Well, get the fuck up! Jake, hurry up, 'cause you know I gotta get home to My nigga 'cause you know You know you gots to get some at home, ha ha ha Now I'm lovin' that big Ooh, shit! Ha ha what? You got a problem? Man, fuck your man, know what I'm sayin? I'm Jake Steed. Bitch! What!? Who you callin' a bitch? You! Bitch!

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