Top Down On Da NAWF

Top Down On Da NAWF

Track by Migos


作詞:Ricky Racks/Takeoff/Offset

作曲:Ricky Racks/Takeoff/Offset

Please help me
Please help me
Top down on da NAWF, I'm home
I can never get lost, no no
I play the field and the coach
(I play the field)
And they know
that's why I'm Huncho
For some reason I can't cry, cry
For some reason I am not tired
For the gang,
I gotta bring it home
For my grandma watchin'
in the sky (grandma)
You probably
can't tell me nothin'
You probably
gonna see me stuntin'
You probably wanna see me run
You probably
wanna see me run on 'em
But I let my top down of
on da NAWF (yeah, yeah)
Believe in what I did
and what I saw (yeah, yeah)
Stand on my word by la
(yeah, yeah)
Mama prayin' on the devil,
shake 'em off (yeah, yeah)
Boulders on my shoulder,
weights on me
I will never fold up
when it's on me
Stash a whole mil'
in the backseat
Just to move them thangs
down the backstreet
Top down on da NAWF
(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah),
I'm home
I can never get loss
(I can never get loss), no, no
I play the field and the coach
(I done played the whole field,
for real)
And they know,
that's why I'm Huncho
I done survived the gun smoke
Some of my niggas ain't survive,
God bless your soul (yeah, yeah)
The codeine eased in my mind
'cause my eyes on the road
(my mind, my mind)
The Patek is rose,
we hide in the flats and bandos
I'ma pull up on that nigga
with the five then
If I could go back,
I would whip up a pie again
I got the hood all on my back
and they ready to die for him
Dope, trappin' up
out of the gym,
2Pac is above the rim (devoted)
Watchin' me like I am a film,
they want the chips, the drip
The sauce, my hoe,
I look at the niggas like shrimp

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