70s 80s

70s 80s
Thatcher was in power, times
were tight and sour
The letter A was sprayed in a
circle everywhere
And everybody's head was gettin'
shaved or spiked
My sister stitched her flares
and made 'em into drainpipes
She was into Adam Ant and
Wuthering Heights
I was getting into Madness and
grifter bikes
Mom had to work late, I had no
Used to get away with murder
when grandad babysat
Used to play fox and hound 'til
the sun came down
Singin' 'Lip Up Fatty', running
wild through the ghost town
And all I wanted was doc boots
and braces
My ear pierced, "So, mum, what's
a racist?"
She didn't explain that we
weren't quite Caucasian
As we could see black children
on some future occasion
And she'd keep that shtum all my
friends are gettin' brainwashed
NF and swastikas they're
scratchin' on the desktops
Riots and violence on the TV
broken down on newsround
While eatin' toast toppers,
watchin' coppers get beat down
Church discos and trips with the
play scheme
Dancin' to ska, kissing the girl
of my dreams
My tenth birthday and those
two-tones stay pressed
Money in my card I bought 'One
Step Beyond', yes
Lent it to a friend, never got
it back
Dear Jim could you fix it for
me? Remember that
Just a 70s baby, early 80s child
Reminiscin' 'bout the days in
the brick backyard
Just a 70s baby, early 80s child
Reminscin' 'bout the days and
you think times are hard
Oh, let me tell you now, woo,
oh, a wicked witch was in power
And oh, my god she did devour

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