Track by 2UN LIMITED


R: First to the bass in to the jam Then let the music take command Back to back to another dimension Stop the force and pay some attention Music to party, music to dance The new follow-up of public demand Slick as five da la megaphone Take you down to the Twilight Zone R: Enter the clock and turn the body upside down Grab the microphone it's upon the sound You want more more you get We're 2 Unlimited in effect! Check up the sound and stop this distortion When we get the fitness, here's another portion Just lay back as we take control Take you down into the Twilight Zone CHORUS A: This is the twilight zone And you're not on your own We take you to the twilight zone It is the twilight zone You better shake your bones And come on down the twilight zone A: Come on baby! I'm gonna take you to the Twilight Zone R: Have a good time, take a break R: Hang with another first of the chapter Straight to the heavyweight, for worst or better Fishes in the way, found in the vicinity Slamming DJ's with the rhyme capability Listen to the jam as we go wild Check your MC's versatile Me and the lady howl megatone Fuck you up in the Twilight Zone A: Woow A: CHORUS

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