Taste Of Cindy

Taste Of Cindy

作曲:Jim Reid/William Reid

Crack of dawn Cindy's movin' on She's talking Cindy to everyone Until she's had her fun She and me Betwixt the sun and sea Still she's talking to everyone Cindy's had her fun Though I've heard it before Still I need you more and more But I just can't get away Cindy kills me every day Uh uh uh Uh uh uh Uh uh uh Uh uh uh And I tried and I tried But you looked right through me Knife to my head when she talks so sweetly Knife in my head when I think of Cindy Knife in my head is the taste of Cindy, ohh Uh uh uh Uh uh uh Uh uh uh

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