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作詞:Chris Brown/Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson/Antwan Thompson/Esteban Crandle/Aaron Rogers/Rashard Johnson

作曲:Chris Brown/Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson/Antwan Thompson/Esteban Crandle/Aaron Rogers/Rashard Johnson

[Verse 1: Tyga] A 100 thou 3 kilos my chain is illegal My life a Tarantino them arguin' a sequel It's big dollars fuckin' with this big screen Shit got crazy on the side lately to the known screen Kick it like dojo know you used to the finer things Raised from good homes imagine how that pussy leak Mona Lisa model for me in that lingerie Diamonds cover rosary say a prayer then I eat Downtown penthouse to the city sleep All 6 bitches still high from last week Back at it the routine is automaticly They love my aesthetics I love they ass clappin' It's all sex we do it the best on the west Hey say I walk around like I got a S on my chest S LR audit that bitch comin' tomorrow King shit dineros you think you out here for so come on [Chorus: Chris Brown] I see you workin' that baby You need to bring your ass to the west side Tonight we tryin' to freak some Bring a friend bring a friend it's a threesome So tell me girl what you drink We gon' have a good time It's a party oh yeah girl it's a party So bring your ass to the west side [Verse 2: Chris Brown] Virginia nigger on the California king size Pull your panties to left let a G slide Bonnie and Clyde ride or die that's what you need right Her daddy OG she grew up on the east side Bumpin' and humpin' like it's nothin' feel like a assmatic 69 her favorite that's simple mathematics She can tell by my eyes I love that ass clappin' A nigger lookin' surprised she got my name tatted She a fan fuck any nigger affiliated went from drug dealers and sports this bitch don' graduated But I deal with her and let her think she made it I'mma spend it all shit I'm just playin' baby 100K for the strippers just me and my niggers After that we party with bitches and sippin' on liquor In the lay them niggas let them texts fly shit That's how we do it on the west side [Chorus: Chris Brown] [Bridge: Chris Brown] You ready, just give me a sign girl Cause that body looks amazin' Girl, and I'm ready to give you the time of your life baby I think you deserve a change Girl I'm fallin' in love tonight my hand up your thigh I see you don't give a fuck tonight girl show you right Let's not waste our time like it's a 9 to 5 Me and you brought together Gettin' freaky on the Westside [Chorus: Chris Brown]


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