Police Station

Police Station

作詞:Anthony Kiedis/Chad Smith/Flea/Josh Klinghoffer

作曲:Anthony Kiedis/Chad Smith/Flea/Josh Klinghoffer

Saw you at the police station
And it breaks my heart to say
Your eyes had wandered off
To something distant
Cold and grey
I guess you didn't see it coming
Someone's gotten
used to slumming
Dreaming of the golden years
I see you had to change careers
Far away
But we both know it's somewhere
I saw you on the back page
Of some free press yesterday
The driftwood in your eyes
Said nothing
short of love for pay
I know you from another picture
Someone with the most conviction
We used to read the funny papers
Fool around and pull some capers
Not today
I send a message to her
A message that I'm coming
Coming to pursue her
Down home country
I rest my face on your bed
I've got you 10 times over
I'll chase you down
Till you're dead
I saw you on a TV station
And it made me want to pray
An empty shell of loveliness
Now dusted with decay

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