My Gospel

My Gospel

Track by Charlie Puth


作詞:Josh Kear/Charlie Puth

作曲:Josh Kear/Charlie Puth

I'd stroll into a bank
and put a ski mask on
and walk out
with a million bucks
Then I'd burn it in a pile
all on your front lawn
just to prove it
didn't mean that much
I'd sell everything
I own took a pile of cash
walk into the casino bet it
all on black
Then blow all my winnings on
a limousine to make out with you
in the back (Hey)
I'm not afraid to look insane
cause I'm crazy about ya
There's nothing that I wont do
just to make you love me,
love me, love me
Throw away my pride for you
just to make you love me,
want me, trust me (Baby)
I know I'm all but shameless,
need you and I could care less
if everyone knows
that I'm your fool
Girl there's nothing
I won't do
just to make you love me,
love me, love me (Hey)
I'd buy a couple red eye
one way tickets to Paris
to our first class ride
Then I'd carry your body
to the top of the tower
to kiss your lips at midnight
Then we'll wander
through the streets
and drink champagne
Get drunk and start singing
in the pouring rain
I'll acapella karaoke,
sexy thing
cause baby I feel no shame
Say this whole world can know

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