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Hope There's Someone

Hope There's Someone

Track by Avicii


作詞:Antony Hegarty

作曲:Antony Hegarty

Hope there's someone who'll take care of me When I die, will I go? And hope there's someone, who'll set my heart free Rest alone when I'm tired There's a ghost on the horizon, when I go to bed How will I fall asleep tonight? How will I rest my head? And that sin, I don't want to go, to the seals of war through shame And there's a ghost on the horizon, when I go to bed Oh I'm scared of the middle place Between light and nowhere I don't want to be the one Left in there, left in there There's a man on the horizon Wish that I'd go to bed And if I fall to his feet tonight Will allow rest my head And godsend I don't want to go To the seal's watershed And there's a ghost on the horizon When I go to bed... Ohhh...! Ohhh...!

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