Something You Can Feel

Something You Can Feel

Track by Chic


作詞:Bernard Edwards/Nile Rodgers/Princesa

I'm gonna explain it I hope you retain it The Chic Mystique Well, I would paint it F U N K Psychedelic or solid Sewn into place like a stitch in a wallet Together again Yo! Let the dancing begin And don't stop, until the floor gets HOT! Under your feet, because the music Is smoking' I'm not choking, my words are well spoken Yo, when I'm talkin' loud And I'm sayin' much, about CHIC and we're Gonna touch The heart of your soul In a special way Yo! Remember the jams way back in the day Well they speak for themselves And so does this funky beat So get on the floor and move your feet And don't stop until you get enough That might be never 'Cause we pull a lever-inside That pulls on heart strings Nile and Nard Producers (The Dance Kings) So here's the chance to relive the past But in the present you'll hit that dance floor Fast 'Cause it's C H I C, And that makes the jam "For Real" 'Cause it's something that you can feel CHORUS Feel---- Something that you can feel Feel---- Something that you can feel Feel---- Something that you can feel Feel Move! I say that with conviction The floor is so packed You'll get high from the friction Boom! We'll fill the room with the dance move Every time I rhyme on a Chic Groove Come on with the force of an army brigade And we'll be rising on the charts Like a high-top fade So just Grab your partner and Dosie/Doe 'Cause with the neat, Chic beat You're good to go A combination of style that's sleek and unique Put it together There you have it, Chic! How Can you dance when your socks are Knocked off? Rock so hard We can knock your block off Charlie, Get on your Harley & ride Step to the inside 'Cause we're coming with the force And the bass is our weapon Sending all the suckers Stepping for real CHORUS The urge to merge and surge from the Chic sound You wanna get up 'Cause Man, you wanna get down A sigh of relief Becuse the band with the knack is back! Kickin' the funk with soul To Chic it's a snap You wanna snap your fingers And clap your hands Your hair will stand on end I mean every strand We give no slack, 'cause the band Is just too tight I'm on the mic and I would like to invite All the partygoers in the mood for a treat Sweet, now sugar-coated, 'cause the music is, CHIC Ah yeah CHORUS BRIDGE: Something that you can feel Something that you can feel Something that you can feel Something that you can feel Something you can feel (repeat) You can feel Feel---- (ad lib to end)

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