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Interlude 2

Interlude 2

Track by Skindred



We come Fe make the people dem just rock up Now we come Fe mash it inna different style Yer you know we come kill the tune just like a ninja Busting up the place and turn the people dem wild This is the sound of the band call Skindred Calling every nation Fe jump as one Come together in the pit and turn crazy Then we grab the dollars from promoters and we run, Co Lord have mercy me say Now we come in ah de place and we tear things up We rock out the stage and the hwole place chock Promoter and his idrin dem ah tan up and ah look Every ting in addy place get mash up and broke This is what the people dem ah want and we ah cook The DJ starts to rock and the tune get stuck The music his the crowd like a ten-ton truck Everybody in the place they lift their hands and shout This is what we want, we want the vibes just sweet and we don't want no negative This is what we want, crowd of people in the place lick a shot be co you know! Rocking in the yard we nor go drop Ghetto youth are running it hot Slamming in the pit we nor go stop Every youth man lick 4 shot Unity is what we need a lot Its like the worlds in a melting pot To the youth we are give nuff props From the bottom we are reaching to the top Condensation it ah run from the walls and the ceiling To the Punk and the Dread this sound is appealing Anytime we come you know we bring a good feeling Lyrics wha we write they got to have meaning No check fee Babylon but hatred we no deal in The way we mash the show we left the youth dem reeling Spot light pon the Dred because the show that we stealing From Brixton town down to New York dem feeling!

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