Forever Changed

Forever Changed

作詞:John Cale/Lou Reed

Train entering the city - I lost myself and never come back Took a trip around the world and never came back Black silhouettes, crisscrossed tracks never came back Forever changed, forever changed You might think I'm frivolous, uncaring and cold You might think I'm frivolous - depends on your point of view Society and who paints and records them - the high and the low I left my all life behind me and never went back Forever changed, forever changed Got to get to the city - get a job Got to get some work to see me through My old life's disappearing from view Hong kong - and I was changed Burma and india - and I was changed Only art to see me through Only heart to see me through My old life disappearing from my view Brigid and pat - please see me through The whole thing quickly receding My life disappearing - disappearing from view Forever changed, forever changed I left my old life behind and was forever changed Forever changed

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