2U (feat. Justin Bieber)

2U (feat. Justin Bieber)

Track by David Guetta

  • 1.2U (feat. Justin Bieber)

作詞:David Guetta/Cesqeaux/Poo Bear

作曲:David Guetta/Cesqeaux/Poo Bear

No limit in the sky
That I won't fly for ya
No amount of tears in my eyes
That I won't cry for ya, oh no
With every breath that I take
I want you to share that
air with me
There's no promise
that I won't keep
I'll climb a mountain,
there's none too steep
When it comes to you
There's no crime
Let's take both of our souls
And intertwine
When it comes to you
Don't be blind
Watch me speak from my heart
When it comes to you
Comes to you
Want you to share that
(When it comes to you)
Cupid ain't a lie
Arrow got your name on it,
oh yeah
Don't miss out on a love
And regret yourself on it, oh
Open up your mind,

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