A Day At The Races feat. Percy P,Big Daddy Kane

  • 2002.01.01
  • 4:02


Yo, my metaphor, my musical madness Move and motivate those with musical talents, uhh Read it in bold print, we holdin' it down Lick a shot, hip-hop when we in yo' town Uhh, master blaster sound Freak the future far from here and now With style, release increase the peace, uhh Bubble with the beat 'til they feelin' the heat in the streets Now each one, teach one, reach one, young gun On one, listen to the warrior's drum Beatin' up the block with the ghetto hop that knock And make you want to crash the spot And unlock explode (boom) the alpha and omega code With drum rolls and old soul, we uphold And foretold to scores of six years ago Fast flow from g. rap to cool moe Supasyllable, major to the minimal Every individual, bounce to the tempo yo Lungs collapse and raps be trapped in The only way to make it happen, jaw-jappin', fast rappin' Yo, I'm the hot dog that run the hottest monologue In star poetic inserts and yes y'all s My speech is like holding two glocks apiece The outreach that rock police The super adventure men portend to put somethin' in bitches Win when we write, the Emmy winner get hyped, off any printer And I came to get it (hit it) Like operation push, operate the tush Black octopus of soul, in inter-planetary patrol I planted my gold, and low and behold It's the brother doc, ready to rock-rock Don't stop hobbes, I known like the lumberjack chop chop The wordsmith, I write in block letters of cursive Curse my circus, serve this surface And watch how the brother fet over The fly Casanova with the frankincense odor Bear witness To where riches'll make career bitches share pictures When the ears get this ya brainses software'll glitches Splatter your brains Leave scattered remains of matter and stains That'll explain how you was battled and slain I get rude and go, to your show and use a row Of fans to boo and throw you off 'til you lose your flow A pro mean like joe greene when I blow theme Put your whole team on pause like cold cream Then show laughter when I flow faster, your hoe haveta Go after her weave from the breeze when I blow past ya I'm dapper plus ghetto and just pedal When the dust settles we left in the rubble the crushed metal Nurses with hearses sealin' conversed with lit purses Spit fire, make you first to bit, try me Like Osama, odoma', I'ma cause trauma And homicides when I collide I get kamikaze Kane baby, walk hard, the p-jects On streets of Brooklyn I'm a crew of d-cepts On streets of l.a. I'm a whole e-set On tracks with Jurassic I be the T-Rex Still that Gucci dressin', still that coochie pressin' My pimp game smooth be-gets 'em I don't use discretion; cop tends to be stressin' Fuck explainin' it, who's he testin'? Finsta perform all physical forms Leave your ass shakin' like a Mystikal song Please dumb, what type of shit was you on? Cause man to compress a nigga mean one less a nigga (uh-huh) All I want is my niggaz all recruitin' a slimmy All I want is my liver all polluted with remi Duel with any, bring it, I face-off Son you out your league like Jordan was with baseball Yeahhh, your majesty, word flash photography Third class economy, blade slashed your artery Nerve gassed anatomy, blurred past dramatically Herbs hashed, my word splash packed agility Never predictability Maneuvers of mind fully designed cause I'm true to the rhyme We do the sublime, crackin' yo' backbone Attackin' you wack clones Vernacular right and exact, capital rap zone That come back verbal assault rifle (ahhhhh) We fight like Stokely Carmichael Nope! we just like you We broke and ain't no tellin' what we might do Ain't no joke Provoke the right to reverse to seek mercy With the king Asiatic and Percy P Ain't heard the worst of me, until your chest 3-d Spit venom and burn your body like a std Put a twenty on the next brother steppin' to me wrong I mess around a lick cause you done cheat on my theme song This might seem wrong, but this is a mean song Crushed like king-kong, and just like ping-pong Back and forth, I spit knowl' and toss, it's time to floss My verbal affirmation is to always go off When syllables slide you'll be enjoyin' the vibe When consider it pride, it's J5 When another deadly medley, camera action yo we heavy Aim steady slash machette Maserati engine ready Good and plenty don't be petty count the fetti and we jetti Off to another city where we do our nitty grity We wild like Serengeti, tear it down let's seek and set it Get ready, for the ride, verbally hand-glide Write and stay tight, mission's in sight Murderer worldwide the stage is yo' knife