Can't Trust'em

Track byDizzy Wright

  • 2015.04.20
  • 3:14


Look, I put my soul in this shit With this ink all in my skin Think before you ink I got this ink all on my hands, man I'm growing up and I'm changing Don't try to knock me out of my plans You was bullshitin' And my grindmode was giving it all I can Boy I been down, reppin' Vegas Had to show these niggas what's dedication More than music, it's more than life Been tryin' to figure out who gon' be the next to make it Put in work and guarantee a show Real nigga, you just a G.I. Joe Believe I go see my bro from tryin' to get my real life looking like the T.I. Show Man I swear to God I hate swearing to God Tear the stage down I ain't sweating a jive I'm looking good and I'm swaggin' out I'm the next to blow and you the next to flop Real nigga, I ain't scared of shit Real niggas take care of shit Wipe me down I like the crown But when the mic is down this life you never get I'm 21 and I'm drunk as fuck Livin' life by myself (nigga) Tatted up and I'm actin' up, no shirt better check out the belt (nigga) Vegas raised, Vegas paid Got up out that bitch to put it on I'm the first to do it, show improvement All I gotta do now is set it in stone Hol' up (Hol' up) Hol' up did a nigga just swag like that (He did) Hat to the back, Gucci backpack, spittin' crack on you little niggas Spittin' facts like that Coming out the Veg with a rap like that (He cold) He cold nigga that's a fact Trying to get me a platinum plaque Kill this shit, A$AP the track [Chorus x2] I can't trust none of these niggas Can't trust none of these hoes I'm killing shit So I'm chilling with a marijuana cloud and my bros They talking shit but we talking goals Gettin' money that's all I know In this shit and I been the shit And I did this shit all on my own Don't let me get in my zone (my zone) Don't let me get in my zone (my zone) I'm swaggin' out in my zone swear I'm swaggin' out in my zone Boy, don't let me get in my zone (my zone) Don't let me get in my zone (my zone) I'm swaggin' out in my zone swear I'm swaggin' out in my zone They done fucked up, let me out Stress me out, set me up Mad as fuck, I got anger issues And now you gon' feel 'em when you next to us Vegas with me, shit evolved Killin' niggas you don't wanna get involved You barely good and my good is great Compared to the team nigga we'll shit on y'all Real nigga with swag (What?!) How the fuck that sound nigga All the fake niggas to the back You ain't welcome round in my town nigga Bogart and I'm so retarded My social skills is over heartless Niggas talking, bitches talking Get to walking I don't hear no offers [Chorus x2]


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