Rosso & Dry

Rosso & Dry

Track by SiM




“do you remember the place
where we went on our first date?
I was too shy to hold your hand
and got tongue tied
the memories never be erased
even if I wanted to
forget all about you
like I'm stuck in a cell with
your voices, you see, I…
love to listen to your song
coming from the speaker
I feel I'm getting weaker than
I used to be
I can't smile always as well as
mona lisa
I need you to stop my tears
baby, let me kiss you one
last time
let me try to fix it up now, ah
baby, let me love you one
more time”
yeah, you were my angel
but I won't write love song
for you
“don't say a word
just like a glass of mixed
Rosso and Dry
look into my eyes all night
with your sly eyes
trust me baby, I'll never drag
you down”
just like ice in a glass, her
words go round and round
“love to listen to your song

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