作詞:Pharrell Williams

作曲:Pharrell Williams

CHORUS: I wish I could tell you how I feel It don't make sense, trust me I've tried Nothing to prove so I don't say nothing Just close my eyes and I stand there And I smile Smile I smile for you VERSE 1: Never give up on the things that make you smile Even if it means you gotta crawl 4000 miles Don't you worry about how far to go Enjoy the journey and you know you know PRE-CHORUS: Cheers! Cheers! The moment they underestimate me I win Cheers! Cheers! To you good life, success, good sex and kids Cheers! Cheers! I'd die for you I can't contain??? Cheers! Cheers! When I look into your eyes and see our kid CHORUS VERSE 2: Y'all know life is full of pressure but don't you break Just know a smile is a curve that sets everything straight So don't you hurry, take your time I have no fear Cuz it's in store, false evidence?? PRE-CHORUS BRIDGE: I smile, hey I smile, hey Baby! CHORUS OUTRO: And it makes me smile to know you're coming thru Girl I see you not trying to smile

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