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Track by Wu-Tang Clan


作詞:E. Turner/J. Hunter/R. Diggs/S. Bougard

Chorus (x2): If a miracle could save us from The travesty that we've become If a millions sons Can stand as one we will overcome, overcome Verse 1: The whole world trippin' Listen it's still a cold world The other day I had to bury my home girl Wrong place, caught one in her face Plus her man's on the run and couldn't come to the wake For heaven's sake, ya pray God open the gate In this modern day asylum that's their only escape Ten year olds are cold no they don't hesitate 2 off of G pack he chose the whole eight Catch a 5 to 10 sellin 5's and 10's And the police informer was a childhood friend In the real world, gotta hustle for ya' dream Extend ya clips fit the muzzle with the beam For the love of cream there's nothing but routine Swing on the judge take a couple for the team He's the young Capone he grew up in drug home Standed on the ave with his blunt and his gun showin' Chorus (x2) Verse 2: Yo the live scene theme from a godfather saga Or Martin Scorsese classic and I'm the author Drama actor opera, crime story novel Tuxedo suited, silence on the nozzle Meet in play scheduled at the Broadway musical Bravo we arrive in bulletproof limo Chaco the underboss of our main source Of interest, the black widow cocaine empress A princess rich from her family's inheritance Now let's talk business, begin by addition the bricks That was missin' in the last shipment At first everything nice, everything routine Jocks line up the food, we blessin' with the cream But on this day he wasn't ready and my God says king I noticed that his normal form handshake shook it wasn't steady When he squeezed Background Chorus Verse 3: RAEKWON He went from prince to a king Out of a life of rubbish We in tailor made suits, sky dwellers and clusters To perfection, rags to riches, the evils' influence That pushed him off the edge They said the greed made him do it Yo my right hand, damn he fucked the trust up It's ruined; nigga's caught him slidin' on his belly I'm rippin' all my ammo with the silencer twisted Contemplating murder now I'm about to swerve up my biscuit But it's my man at the same time I don't wanna do He violated broke a major code bar what you stealin' That was over in the falls of Niagara he was soakin' With a shell case stuck in his head, they found him floatin' Chorus Verse 4: GHOSTFACE KILLAH Allah let me lay in ya arms Hold me like a newborn Sing to me your most sweetest songs They exalted the most benevolent The knower of all, keep me safe until I return back to your residence This earth, my place of birth As time went through the ages it got worse Sicknesses, be-heads in Syria Ebola's killin' my people it's getting scarier Most fools ain't even real the chip is here Daily flu's bein' released contracted through air Dear God! It's been a minute since I cried out Since momma died I never wild out Bring me help like the fools brought the die out Can you hear me? Can you hear me now? We need a miracle, destroy the FDA for holding back cures So they can get paid Chorus (end rock version)


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