10 Feet

10 Feet

作詞:Camden Bench/Arin Ray/Juice WRLD

作曲:Camden Bench/Arin Ray/Juice WRLD

Uh, I don't wanna try bruh
Uh, acidic,
a bunch of bad habits with
bad magic
Can't disappear and re-appear
in the same sentence,
I'm bad at it
The Mad Hatter,
the Perc packer
The mom thrasher
The Perc mixed with the syrup
turn me into a contractor
A straight tweak,
so high I can't speak
Been three weeks,
I still haven't met my peak
Like I could be someone other
than myself
Like I could find
a little Heaven up in my Hell
Yeah I know
it never ever end well
Yeah I know I always
fall victim to a rich spell
Uh, like abracadabra
The flow so raw,
forgot to grab Magnums
Been raw-doggin' bitches ever
since I went platinum
I feel like Hell
full of bad bitches

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