Price of Love

Price of Love

Track by Bad English


作曲:John Waite & Jonathan Cain

Girl, sometimes it seems to me
That I don't say the things
I should, To you,
I act like I'm no good
And You, wait for me patiently
This house is not a home
without you,
It takes two hearts to share
Your eyes will always see
through me,
And bring me to my knees
And I will always turn to you,
You're everything I need
And throught the good
and bad times,
You have always been there
We hold each other close,
You tell me it's alright
The nights we fight about it,
Never dream of givin' up
That's the price of love
Love, sometimes it makes us cry
Forgive me when I get it wrong,
Sometimes it's hard
to be that strong
And oh, I would do anything
For you I'd turn
the stars around,
I'd find a way somehow
This time, you see I built

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