Every Little Thing

Every Little Thing

Track by Chaka Khan


作詞:Chaka Khan/Dave Thomas/David Gamson/Gerry DeVeaux

作曲:Chaka Khan/Dave Thomas/David Gamson/Gerry DeVeaux

CHORUS: I'll take every little thing I do And give it up, give it all up for you I mean every little thing, it's true Give it up, give it all up for you Busy, I'm so busy Climbing higher, moving further every day Gotta keep going, don't you know it Can't let sentimental feelings in the way But there comes a time When you want to share your heart Give up everything And just lose yourself in love CHORUS Keep up with the Joneses If they got it then you need it right away The grass ain't greener, you'll discover When you're lonely it don't get better anywhere 'Cause there comes a time in my life When I want to share my heart Give up everything And just lose myself in love CHORUS Giving you everything About to give up everything Giving you everything Good timing is everything And right now I'm here for you I'll turn the lights down baby And lock the door for you

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