AWAの学割 中学生以上の学生ならこんなにおトク!月額980円が月額480円に。まずは1か月無料でお試し!

polyrhythm winter

polyrhythm winter

Track by FACT




I look up to the sky above And start to count the stars I see Don't notice how the time has passed And as the sun begins to rise The lights I counted disappear One by one they're turning on and off Am I alone in this? (this) Are you the same way? (way) A thousand hopes and dreams (hopes and dreams) are hiding far away They're locked away tonight (night) And in my hand's the key (key) I want to give to you (give to you) to show you the real me (this is me) Just like you went out of my life Now so does all you left behind Cut through all the mist to be Right there with you next to me On stars we'll make a wish and see (Cut through) all the mist to be Now (right there) with you next to me On stars we'll make a wish and see (On stars we'll make a wish and see) Your scent fades away Along with your lies I'm left with nothing Darker clouds around my heart Making it so hard to see And I can feel that it's starting to snow Snowflakes they hide the stars So many I'm losing count I figured out it's not meant to be (You went out of my life)

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