You Know

You Know

Track by Laura Marling




Damn all those people who don't lose control Who will never take a foot out of life You might not think that I care But you don't know what I know And damn all those hippies Who stomp empty footed Upon all that's good All that's pure in the world You might not care what I think But you don't know what I know Well I saw those mothers Who do all they can Just to take their thoughts out of the line I might not know what it's like But I'm glad that you know Give me a minute there Just a minute more It'll come back to me I was so sure that you Free wheelin' troubadour You took my mind off the sea And you know I know I know I know that you know You asked me blind once If I was a child once I said I'm really not sure How can you know How can you know What it is you don't know

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