Cat Scratch Fever

Cat Scratch Fever

Track by Motörhead


作詞:T. Nugent

作曲:T. Nugent

Alright!!! Well I don't know where they come from But they sure do come I hope they're comin' for me And I don't know how they do it But they sure do it good I hope they do it for free [Chorus] They give me cat scratch fever Cat scratch fever Well the first time that I got it I was just ten years old Got it from some pussy next door Then I went and seen the doctor And he gave me the cure I think I want it some more [Repeat Chorus 2x] It's nothing dangerous I feel no pain I've got to ch-ch-change You know you got it when you're goin' insane It makes a grown man cry, cry Won't you make my bed I make the pussy purr With the stroke of my hand They know they gettin' from me They know just where to go When they need their lovin' man They know I do it for free [Repeat Chorus 2x]


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