Waiter! Bring Me Water!

Waiter! Bring Me Water!

Track by Shania Twain




He took me to--our favorite spot A place we go to hang a lot Something seemed to catch his eye Oh--oo--oh over my shoulder Oh--oo--oh over my shoulder I turned around--to see what's up A pretty young thing sure enough She was new--he wanted to Kno--oo--oh--oh--oo--ow her Kno--oo--oh--oh--oo--ow her Oh--yeah-- then she flicked her hair (yeah! ) Oh--yeah--he began to stare Chorus: Waiter! (Waiter) Bring me water! I gotta make him keep his cool (Waiter) Bring me water! He's acting like a fool (Waiter) Bring me water! Uh, oh, I did my best--to block his view But it was like he could see through me I just knew--he wanted to Ho--oo--oh--oh--oo--oh--old her Ho--oo--oh--oh--oo--oh--old her Oh--yeah--I ain't gettin' nowhere (yeah!) Oh--yeah--she's still standing there Repeat Chorus There's gotta be a way to cool this clown-- he's starting to embarrass me I may even have to hose him down-- bring me water I don't know what he finds so distracting-- what's so hot about her I really don't like the way he's acting Bring me water! Uh, Bring it on! Uhhhh Oh What's so hot about her Uh, uh, uh, Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Waiter, bring me water) Gotta make him keep his cool (Waiter, bring me water) Send him back to school (Waiter, bring me water) He's acting like a fool (Waiter, bring me water) Waiter, bring me water

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