Track by Method Man




[Intro: Method Man] You don't want no problems, problems You don't want no problems, problems Yeah... real man... with ya stinkin' ass Come on... that's my nigga right there... let's do it Never count me out, nigga, just count me in... yeah... [Method Man] Look, I ain't came to bone these chicks Not this time, I got a bone to pick, I got a zone to pick Now, who that nigga in the zone and shit Back in the building like he own the bitch, nobody cold as this If I ain't got it, then it don't exist I spit that bird flu, my flows is sick, I'm still as ill as they come Protect Ya Neck, when you dealing with them Now Erick stick a fork in him, he done, hah It boggles the mind, like try'nna 'ketchup' to a bottle of Heinz It's like forensics try'nna follow the crime, they want time And sometime, a nigga had to swallow them dimes While 85 percent swallowing swine, see Wherever he roam, it's all gravy, man, whatever he hone Long as I got myself a Marilyn loan, phillies are better chrome If there's a problem, nigga, let it be known And while I sleep, my bitch be checkin' my phone, cause I'm a problem, nigga [Chorus: Method Man] Ease up, or put them g's up Scream at ya frog, nigga leap up (now who got a problem with that?) They need to beast up, nigga, speak up or Forever hold they peace up (if they got a problem with that) Hey you (don't want no problem nigga) Hey you (don't want no problem nigga) Hey you (don't want no problem nigga) Hey you (don't want no problem nigga) Hey you ("Believe, what I say, when I tell ya" - DMX sample) Yeah, you, nigga, you don't want no problem with that [Method Man] Look, my Clan all one in the same Until my name number one in the game, it's not a game, nigga Like Billy Danze, I be running with "Fame" Me and my lynch mob coming to hang, it's Wu-Tang for life Hard body, another day in the life Credit his momma now for raising him right, just want the people to know I'm bout to blow, like I'm shaking the dice Making me mad? Nah, y'all making me right, cause y'all was taking me light So let my pen talk and say what he like And have the court system say and indict, I'm O.J. on the mic Liquid plumber, I be laying the pipe And if it's tight, girl, I'm staying tonight Not only raising on the price, on M.C.'ing, but I'm raising the bar And if you scary, nigga, wait in the car Motherfuckers I'm hard, hard as cooked up in mayonaise jars Purple haze, Cuban layed cigars, I'm a problem, nigga [Chorus] [Method Man] E, you know I'm just like that Big baller nigga, just like Shaq, so come on, niggaz If they bust, I better bust right back Meth spit it from the gut, like *gunshot* man down I'm that dude, hands down, stare down I'm past due, for Cash Rule, y'all can't clown I'm bank now, your ass lose, nothing but rhyme New York Times, I'm bad news, and I'ma problem, nigga [Chorus 2X]


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