Track by Katy Perry


作詞:Max Martin/Savan Kotecha/Katy Perry/Ali Payami

作曲:Max Martin/Savan Kotecha/Katy Perry/Ali Payami

If I lost it all today,
would you stay
Could my love be enough
to stimulate
If shit hit the fan,
grenades got thrown,
would you still show, oh
Could you go down with me
to the mat
Could we get back up
and eventually laugh
Roll eyes at highs,
cheers in the lows,
and stay in the flow, o-o-o
'Cause I, I only got this life
And I ain't got the time, no
Not to get it right, oh
We're all just looking for
Yeah, we all want to be seen
I'm looking for someone
who speaks my language
Someone to ride this ride
with me
Can I get a witness, witness
Will you be my witness, witness
I'm just looking for
a witness in all of this
Looking for a witness
to get me through this
When you tell me everything,
and there's no holes
You can scroll
through anything,
you've got the codes
Nothing to hide

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