System Check

System Check



"System Check, Make sure everything is operational Download the rhythm and behold the sensation Paid from the multitude of sounds we got In particular the bottomless bass that don't stop I'm the selfish one appears to be cool is red hot So advice like my lyrics, you want? No such luck This is how I feel If I ride the rhythm then Its bound to be for reel With sharp inclines so keep my hands on the wheel Build it like a picture so no equal would want to steal Capture your potential for the whole world you reveal Floor share the manner when its hard break the seal For those who not aware now, hear goes the deal These soft sofas leather and the phases are silk Multitalented, multi skilled, purpose built So we put out the balance, Stay level with the tilt And keep the cops steady no cops busters built You can't hold down what can't be held down New formulas forcing you to move around So bring it to ya' And Jump unto ya' And Jump to ya' Because it really doesn't matter what you hear It's the only way you listen it all becomes clear Put your hand up by the speaker, Bring it closer to your ear Because the decibels don't measure well from over here Make it travel through the air, over objects of resistance Be heard from the centre point, and heard from the distance Fusion, Technology, reuse the instruments New formulas, There's no coincidence The fusion' The Fusion New formulas calling you to move around I - Know - You'll - Get With The Beat - So Get - Set For The - Rise - In - Heat Temperature - To - Strong - Can't - Measure The Flow that is flowing keep going in all directions The action is the fraction won the 32 section Pushing to the centre of your mind, we'll Make connection Start off from the top then work it to your mid section We use ready formulas and many tack-tics First were doing summersaults, Then were busting back flips First were slam-dunking, Then were scoring hat-tricks Take it to the universe, time to get galactic Increase the sonic and got the rough rough glass Send it to the sucker like is Puff, Puff, Pass Quality erase, we'll give you eighty-one class Never jump to slow but never sound to fast New Formulas calling you to move around Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Increase the sonic of the rough rough glass"

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