Common Free Style feat. Common

Common Free Style feat. Common

Track by The RH Factor




Yeah yeah It's Funk Flex y'all With Com Sense bwoy Understand it's a rapture Volume three the final chapter Ain't nuttin but that b-boy thing goin on From Chicago to New York to all over ?, y'all, yo, check it Rap warlord, stay on point like a scoreboard Ended up with a foot in your mouth, wishin for more doors I walk through the corridor of fame, with nuthin But game, this shit's a game, rhyme mission: To educate and entertain, after Rasheed Don't shit remain but afterwash My first joint was aight, second and third, tight like ?Shanda Lox? Or Puff and The Lox the name Com's a paradox Deliverty of my first one I coach like ?Landit Cox? Don't like a cat that handle rocks that ran in spots Ask D why my video ain't on The Box yet Styles similar to the hustle, cause You Can't Knock it An unidentified object, to the third optic In battles I leave niggaz on top of each other like the projects Not knowin the science behind it, by it they were blinded My book of life in five rings are binded, what? Yeah, yo, yo, yo, it's Com Sense y'all Uh, uh, with Funk Flex y'all Yeah, yeah, it's volume three bwoy Yeah, yeah, and for the b-boy Yeah, yeah, yo, yo We gonna get down, we gonna get down

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