Square One

Square One

Track by Beck


作詞:Beck Hansen

作曲:Beck Hansen

I've been watching
the wheels turning
but I'm learning
to enjoy the ride
on the road to nowhere
I hope we get there soon
'cause it's a place
we've been before
knocking on purgatory's door
to find a place in the sun
a chameleon
changing colors on demand
'cause this is life
and it's alright
taking detours in your mind
you'll be fine
if you try to keep your eyes
on the consolation prize
when you lower your expectations
and you've run out of patience
it's all a part of the plan
when you're lost in the world
and you're going down hard
for the girl
I've been running the lights
in the city
"who can I be running from?"
my demons told my skeletons
"he won't get very far"
and when I got to
the dark side of the moon
all the trouble I thought I knew
it left me out in the cold
spinning out of control
on a broken carousel
now tell me this is life

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