The Hard Stuff

The Hard Stuff

作詞:Justin Timberlake/Eric Hudson/Chris Stapleton/Robin Tadross/Elliott Ives

作曲:Eric Hudson/Justin Timberlake/Chris Stapleton/Robin Tadross/Elliott Ives

So give me the hard stuff
Anybody can be in love
on a sunny day
Anybody can turn and run
When it starts to rain
And everybody wishes
That all their skies were blue
That ain't the kind of love
I'm looking to have with you
So give me the hard stuff
The kind that makes you re-up
I'll be there
when the storm comes
'Cause I want the hard stuff
When we're throwing sticks
and stones
We can cut each other
to the bone
I'm never gonna give you up
'Cause I want the hard stuff
Yeah I want the hard stuff
My God knows
I'm not the man that I wanna be
And we all know there are things
in this life
We refuse to see
So just know my fire
for you will always burn
And please forgive the things
in this life
That I have to learn
So give me the hard stuff

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