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Hennesey(Album Version) feat. Mac Dre,Jay Tee,Miami

Hennesey(Album Version) feat. Mac Dre,Jay Tee,Miami

Track by Baby Bash


作曲:N.Perez/James Trujillo/A.Hicks/R.Bryant

feat. Jay Tee, Mac Dre [Miami] Yeah You done brought your bathwater, this body parts Your ugly bitch But you ain't brought no Hennessy man And we did bring the Hennessy It was the one with pork in it We don't drink pork Bitch Privilege in A pork [Mac Dre] But did you bring that Hennessy [Miami] But did you bring that Hennessy [Mac Dre] But did you bring that Hennessy [Both] But did you bring that Hennessy [Verse 1: Mac Dre] I left mamacita in the taqueria Half Selena Half Aaliyah Bitch little thang, with a sexy little swing Got on the thang like eat the vi cream Started spittin' game, mayne, I got words Rap your ear off, til I get on your nerves I say somethin' (???) never heard Like, "I'm, fly as a wings on the Humming bird" What you runnin' for, girl, I don't bite Let the game hit a bitch, chicks, I don't bite I don't got all night Get ya thing together Tell your guide, bye Get some brain together I mean, it's whatever I don't see no limits To be the biggest thing since the fall of the menace Kick yards like Emit from here to Tennessee And oh yeah Baby, bring that Hennessy Chorus: Mac Dre I brought that hoe, slim chicks and bad hoes And backwood blitz For that, tobacco (But did you bring that Hennessy) Three kegs, freaks that give head Treats and beach beads Petites and big heads (But did you bring that Hennessy) Repeat Chorus [Verse 2: Baby Bash] I got a master plan, I got some hash in hand Comin' straight from a coffee shop in Amsterdam And I don't give a fuck, somebody split the blunts My currency like some surgery, it's Nip and Tuck Mr. Ed, gettin' head in the back of the S-U I'm a bring my cousin, but I'm shakin', my nephew And you can even ask my agent He gon' tell you this, "Ronnie Ray's impatient And he's so flagrant Ready for liftoff Yeah You know they love it when he's dustin' his kicks off" (Mayne) I'm higher than a fire escape I got the munchies With seventeen topless models from different countries And don't let me start to vaporizin' Endorse me a chick on the horizon She swear she love the way I'm grindin' That privilege heat is tandalizin' Repeat Chorus Twice [Verse 3: Jay Tee] Now when I walked up to I jumped in my county And told my mayne Hutch "Oh yeah, that hoe" I stepped on the gas Let off the break I'm in the V-Town, playboy, there's money to make I hit the liquor store To cop a fifth I seen Cadillac grindin', yeah, I'm Andre Hitch There ain't nothin' but real bad broads all over Tryin' to get me to come and park the Rover Stepped off the load in my Oakland Raider Black kangol, grey alligator It's nothin' like A million beaters I asked baby, "Have she ever stank, scrill and heaters" Cause if she wanna Hit the corner We can take over California Don't trip I'm born to mack Half tank of grey, half cognac Repeat Chorus Twice [Miami] Man I done rather you bring the Hen Than your funky ass Your ugly bitch Your bad karma Or your broke ass mama And we gon' bring the Hennessy And not the one with pork in it And this is McGhetto Lagantey And I'm out Yahtzi

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