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Hold On (Album Version)

Hold On (Album Version)

Track by Yolanda Adams


作詞:Stan Jones

作曲:Stan Jones

You've Got dream and You've got goals there's a vision buring down in your soul But hold on Theres nothing that you can't do You've gotta be driven, Motivated too Stir up the gift that God has placed in you Hold on The Futures looking bright for you Chorus No matter how hard it seem Never give always believe Hold on, hold on to your dreams Though your facing adversities You can still be all you wanna be Hold on, hold on to your dreams Determination is the key In this cold world, if your gonna successed Hold On Theres nothing that you can't do Don't be discouraged by the trials you face Cause your beautiful mind would be a terrible thing to waste Hold on Hold on The futures looking bright for you Repeat Chorus Bridge Hold on, be strong (Never let noboby tell you can't make it) Hold your head up high, keep your eyes on the prize (Your dreams are met for you to obtain) And Your labor is not in vain Repeat Chorus

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