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All American Girls

All American Girls

Track by Sister Sledge


作曲:Kathy Sledge/Narada Michael Walden/Willis

We're all American girls And we love the life that we lead. We're all American girls - Hear what we say know what we mean. We're all American girls . . . The day has finally come We're reaching out for number one. We've worked hard all of our lives It was a fight just to survive. You'd better get this straight Wise up before it's too late. We're not threatened by your lies Oryourgoodbyes. We're all American girls . . . Sometimes the struggle gets rough You give your all but it's not enough. A vacant job at the top Don't let them tell you that right you're not. We're not asking to reverse roles so long rehearsed. Give us an equal share - that's just faire. We're all American girls . . .

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