Look Away

Look Away

Track by Chicago


作詞:Diane Warren

作曲:Diane Warren

Well, you called me up
this mornin'
Told me 'bout the new
love you found
I said I'm happy for you
I'm really happy for you
Found someone else
I guess I won't be coming 'round
I guess it's over, baby
It's really over, baby
And from what you said,
I know you've gotten over me
I'll never be
The way it used to be
So if it's gotta be this way
Don't worry, baby
I can take the news okay
But -
If you see me walkin' by
And the tears are in my eyes
Look away, baby, look away
And if we meet
on the street someday
And I don't know what to say
Look away, baby, look away
Don't look at me
I don't want you
to see me (this way)
When both agreed as lovers
We were better off as friends
That's how it had to be
Yeah,that's how it had to be
I tell you I'm fine
But sometimes I just pretend
Wish you were holdin' me
Wish you were still holdin' me
I just never thought
That I would be replaced so soon

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