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Tokyo Joe

Tokyo Joe

Track by Bryan Ferry




My girl Friday, she no square She like lotus blossom in her hair Be-bop records and something new Sometimes borrowed, but she's never blue Oh no… not Tokyo Joe Way past midnight, she not home She cut the ice down the Danger Zone Water-tight dresses, she don't care A trifle risqu, a tart, no sir… Oh no… sounds like Tokyo Joe Geisha girl show you she adore you Two oriental eyes implore you Femme fatale or ingenue? She very cunning, fiendish clever Geisha girl suffer many times a fool Sayonara moon When all the world's a stage Oh where are you? Tokyo Rose on the radio Or Diz 'n Bird puttin' on the moan Tappin' out telexes to Tupelo Dear John, doh ray me fah so? Let's go… call for Tokyo Joe Walkin' tall down the Danger Zone She hokey-cokey till the cows come home Big shot, from the hip, neon cool Say, when you've been around, what's left to do? Don't know? Ask Tokyo Joe So inscrutable her reply "Ask no question and tell me no lie" GI boys howlin' out for more VIP'S purrin' "je t'adore"… Ah so… that's Tokyo Joe

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