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作詞:Caldwell - Bercovici

作曲:Caldwell - Bercovici

How many times do we have to Jump back in the fire To discover what I know is true That I only want to be with you And how many times do we have To break down to go higher Maybe lovers have to fuss and fight And the things they do can be so trite Round and round we go Kind of like a hurricane Stormy winds may blow We can take the weather Everybody knows Rhett and Scarlett did the same We've got to remember It's all in the name of love Facing odds that pull us apart Sometimes we end up Breaking each others hearts We've got to be strong We said from the start We're doing it all in the name of love How many times have we managed To hurt one another Saying things we never meant to say Getting hung up in the games we play Are we ever gonna find our way

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