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Track by Wiz Khalifa


作詞:Cameron Thomaz/Eric Dan/Jeremy Kulousek/Tyler Mason/Zachary Vaughan

I'm so incredible wait Wit no metal to waist I flow great And that'll level ya face But I'll still let a nigga have it You talk greasy but u still a faggot I front on cowards cause u niggas backwards I got my money right Game on top And it's been said that I'm the key to put this game on lock I'm from tha city Of the triflin' hoods But when u see me Gotta smile on my face Nuttin sweet, it's just that life is good Yea, I dodged the hood Slums came up out that Rap game about that To gain pay wit out crack See I'mma youngin wit too much on my plate To let some small change have a youngin dumped in a cage I seen niggas make sells Niggas get knocked and make bail And take lives, they worries ain't jail Wit no regards for life cause they livin' ain't well Who gotta make it to heaven cause they livin' in hell But me I don't do much just keep to myself And stop these cock-suckin' motha-fuckas seekin' my wealth I was told the world's cold but I see for my self And I'm too hot to take the back seat or the shelf So I'm here For sum reason though they hate it to death The love's gone only hatred is left Only achin' and stress A king not be mistaken for less And this here is for the taking This is history in the making Where I'm from it's kinda hard to trust Cause the hate's from most of your own people They're fake and they're all see through Hate to see a nigga when he's stackin' his bucks Rather him be down in the dumps And out on his luck But I'll be damned if my grind stop My mind tickin' like the time watch And I'm gon be spittin' 'till the time's not Presently there I touch minds everywhere And I'll ride hopin' heaven is near See the pain in your eyes young wit every stare I seek peace, but these streets will never be fair Cause somebody went and took Greg's life Son reached Deceased No time to blink or think twice damn Wonder when it gonna be my time To meet death I'm stressed need to ease my mind And unless one of y'all try to see whats mine Then I'll eat through your flesh, bones and leave that spine U see I did the right thing I stayed up out the gun and knife game I knew about the pain it might bring And we all got problems I chose to smoke blunts just to drown 'em The top, but I rose from the bottom And I'm here now Ain't no body harming young My screw's loose they say somethings wrong wit young Ya time's up I'm just warning young Cause this here's for the taking, This is history in the making

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