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So in Love

So in Love

Track by Bebe Winans


作曲:Bebe Winans/Lowis

(BeBe Winans, Nigel Lowis) You won my heart, right from the start And it occurred to me, I would be lost without your tenderness Such sweet caress, and still none the less I cannot live without you Chorus: I'm so glad about it and I know it shows Positive about it, that I'm so in love Nothing's wrong about it, heart truly knows Gonna tell the world about it, that I'm so in love with you Everytime I think of you I'm reminded of the special day we met When all the world began to sing such sweet harmony For all the love you bring Oh, each day that passes by offers something new Another reason why to fall in love with you So what more can I do? Chorus We know it's true I'm in love with you, yes I am And it's good to know That you feel the same way, same way too Chorus

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