EZ Come EZ Go

Track byCypress Hill

  • 2010.12.07
  • 4:04


I'm in the city of sunshine But don't be fooled They say it never rains I can tell you that ain't true 'Cause when you hustle on the streets So that you can feed your family Depending on what you hustle Niggas could just kill a man The game of life I'm a full-time player Never settle for less I keep searching for what's greater Inspite of any hater portrayal I keep it moving Never fucked anyone over Because it comes back later At the dump it's a long fall When you the bottom People remember All the attitudes you shot 'em The minute you fall You're as good as forgotten Thought you had it all But it all went rotten But no many times I have failed I've never let anything get in the way Of my dreams and hot spells I stay focused With my mind on the prize And if you try to block me Then we push you aside (Yeah, that's right yo, hip hop veteran Gon' tell you that we better than most of these fools out here [Chorus] Easy they come when you got the dough It's the Hill, baby It's the Hill, baby Easy they go when you got no mo' Spit it real, baby Spit it real, baby, come on Easy they come when they want your soul This shit is real crazy This shit is real crazy Easy they go when yo' shit gets old This shit is real crazy The game is so shady lately This business ain't nothing But a series of comebacks Write you off as dead Til you come back with a bomb track Man you got to save food ? Nothin' all over your stuff That's right I believe in myself and my talent Skills have been diminished Motherfucker, there you have it You got to learn the game Master every angle Like a zen master runnin' the triangle Just when they think that you're all dried up Surprised that they asked when the back don't cut Hip hop icon I'll tell you what it takes Patience, persistence, perseverance Know it in your song They gon' love it when they hear it Nobody's taking me out I'll decide When I'm outta here [Chorus] I got love for every fan Ever part of the plan So while you can Take some pictures And sign some autographs But if you push I put my foot in your ass Not many in this game would last so long So they can get what they can Before the time is done People are gonna stay with you But you must never mislead them But if you treat them wrong Lead them on They'll say "We don't need you" Then it's back to the streets, to square one Nigga screaming, "This ain't fair" Yeah But nobody cares You had the money and the cars Big house and pearls Jewels and hot beats So that you could spit out words So much time and emotion invested From being on top Nigga, can't get arrested Easy come, easy go When they forget In every regard (Yeah, my man, still coming at-cha) [Chorus]


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