Xmas in February

Xmas in February

Track by Lou Reed


作詞:Lou Reed

Sam was lyin' in the jungle agent orange spread against the sky like marmalade Hendrix played on some foreign jukebox they were praying to be saved Those gooks were fierce and fearless that's the price you pay when you invade Xmas in February Sam lost his arm in some border town His fingers are mixed with someone's crop If he didn't have that opium to smoke The pain would never ever stop Half his friends are stuffed into black body bags With their names printed at the top Xmas in February Sammy was a short order cook In a short order black and blue collar town Everybody worked the steel mill But the steel mill got closed down He thought if he joined the Army He'd have a future that was sound Like no Xmas in February Sam's staring at the Vietnam Wall It's been a while now that he's home His wife and kid have left, he's unemployed He's a reminder of the war that wasn't won He's that guy on the street with the sign that reads "Please help send this Vet home" But he is home, and there's no Xmas in February No matter how much he saves

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