I'm the Doctor

I'm the Doctor

Track by Motörhead


I know the way you feel I know it ain't too good I know it feels like there's detergent in your blood But don't you worry, gonna make you feel alright I'm gonna lift your black depression, help you through the night I'm your man, you know I'll help you if I can Cos I'm your Doctor I know you're desperate, I really sympathise I see the morbid horror flicker in your eyes But rest assured I'm gonna help to ease your pain I'm gonna put a thousand tiny implants in your brain I'm your boy, I'll make you undulate with joy Cos I'm the Doctor Don't get too depressed, I've found a way to help your case A little hypodermic sends you into outer space You'll feel much better when you take these little pills I'm gonna give you 60 bottles, I believe in overkill Heart attack, you know you're never coming back Cos I'm the Doctor

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