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Wrong In The Right Way

Wrong In The Right Way

作詞:Chris Brown/Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson/Scott Storch

作曲:Chris Brown/Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson/Scott Storch

[Chorus] It's about to go down, oh Yeah Baby, you're gonna get your wish tonight Lay down right here Scream my name, baby, I love you Girl wherever you are I'll be right by your side tonight And if you're wearin' panties take them off babe I'mma do you wrong in the right way [Verse 1: Chris Brown] And I'mma do you wrong in the right way Fuckin' with the lights on Know you had a long day Pull your nigga down Girl I'll fuck wit you the long way Pull up to your college then I'll fuck you in the hallway Real nigga, all day You know I don't fuck with fakes Said she on her period, she told me just to fuck her face Real bitch, trill bitch, someone I can deal with Feds tried to run up in my crib she hit the kill switch She would never let me down, only want to lift me up When I got locked down in county She was there to pick me up Minds her business, knows what's up Purple splash it, pour it up Even bought a pound for a nigga, "bout to roll it up If the lights off in the club, nigga's still gonna notice her Gave my bitch my Lamborghini Nigga get your motor up When I get that ass in my bed I'm ma bust her head open her legs strokin' Got that whole bed down [Chorus: Chris Brown] [Verse 2: Tyga] [Chorus: Chris Brown] [Verse: Chris Brown] Let me kiss that body When I get excited When you scream my name, and you hit them notes You sound melodic, baby girl just ride it Show me somethin' they can't see Fuck me like you ain't green Playin' all of that K-Ci & JoJo Them slow jams we hold hands Do that there like a stripper On my dick she pole dance Oh no, it's goin' down, goin' down babe Put it in reverse, whip it around babe Yeah, cause we one on one Bustin' round after round like a gun Doin' all that freaky shit to me I love the way you put it down babe I like it when I'm in and out And you're makin' them sounds And I want some more [Chorus: Chris Brown]

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