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Turnin' My Back

Turnin' My Back

Track by The Strypes


作詞:Ross Farrelly/Josh McClorey/Pete O'Hanlon/Evan Walsh

作曲:Ross Farrelly/Josh McClorey/Pete O'Hanlon/Evan Walsh

Intro Chorus Right now, I'm turnin' my back on you A glimpse into your train of thought tied me to the tracks Your misplaced sense of blame and justice should have been a sign I think the hairspray's gone to your head This whole episode I'd rather soon forget Chorus Never underestimate how long a second can feel When every glance is a combat stance every word is a meal I've been feeling this way for a while Everything you lack you make up for in denial Chorus Stranded in the present tense Convictions sitting on the fence My gaze is skirting round the room To avoid landing on you

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