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Player Not the Game (feat. Carl Thomas)

Player Not the Game (feat. Carl Thomas)

作詞:Joshua Thompson

(Intro) Start playin' We gon' talk about these playas We gon' also talk about this game Heh, this game Is somethin' everybody wants to know about But who's the victim? Is it the playa? The one bein' played? Or simply this game? Early in the morning, he waits by her door But she's not there, 'cause she don't care Someone else she adores And it's a quarter after midnight The girl's by her phone But he won't call, and the tears fall So she sleeps all alone (We're in a world, that's a ball of confusion) The feeling is gone, still we keep holding on (To a love, that is just an illusion) Get to the back of the line Love will call you in time 1 -

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