Green & Gold

Green & Gold
Six years old
Staring at my nose in the mirror
Trying to dip my toes
in the mirror
Thinking 'Who's that girl?'
And 'Does the mirror world
go on forever?'
Carmenia Road
Sharpening the knives
in the attic
Trying to watch cartoons
through the static
Thinking where am I gonna be
If I'm ever twenty-three? Oh
I'm looking at a life unfold
Dreaming of the green and gold
Just like the ancient stone
Every sunrise I know
Those eyes you gave to me
That let me see
Where I come from
Found an old friend
Meeting my guitar in the city
Feeling like a star in the city
And suddenly it seems
that I'm where
I'm supposed to be, oh
And now I'm fully grown
And I'm seeing
everything clearer
Just sweep away the dust
from the mirror
We're walking hand in hand
on the warm white sands
I'm looking at a life unfold

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