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Whispering Playa (Interlude)

Whispering Playa (Interlude)

Track by TLC


作詞:Dallas Austin/Marshall Lorenzo Martin

作曲:Dallas Austin/Marshall Lorenzo Martin

Woo, hoo hoo! Yo yo yo yo yo what's up what's up! Look to the left.... A ha ha ha... What's up girl, what's up? Man, check out another one... I know... What's up, how you doin' how you doin'? I can't believe you sittin' up here, know what I'm sayin? Mmm hmm... I see you and your girl in here trynna floss or whatever *Whispering* Why don't you just get rid of your friend... Who are you talkin' about Chilli? Yeah, well you know.... I ain't even recognize... Girl... What's up Left Eye you know what I'm sayin'... You just bring little peeps and everything We can go and get in my *Whispering* Stretch viper ya know what I'm sayin... Ha ha ha We can split this club Man, can you please get out of my air. Oh I got it I got it I got it I see Ya'll rollin' together Ya know what I'm sayin' Well we can just bounce to my crib... Ya know what I'm sayin.... *Whispering* Do that menage-a-tois... A ha ha... Ha You know what I'm sayin' I'm down We can break it down Chilli do you hear something? A ha A ha Girl come on let's go...

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