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Cash Out feat. ScHoolboy Q,PARTYNEXTDOOR,D.R.A.M.

Cash Out feat. ScHoolboy Q,PARTYNEXTDOOR,D.R.A.M

Track by Calvin Harris


作詞:Adam Wiles/Brittany Hazzard/Quincey Hanley/Rogét Chahayed/Shelley Massenburg-Smith

作曲:Adam Wiles/Brittany Hazzard/Quincey Hanley/Rogét Chahayed/Shelley Massenburg-Smith

You can rock it You can suck it You can input on your brand new jacket Because I'm the man Who can put you on a musical blanket Uh party like it's 1980 With da afro shinin And all girls are purrty With a white girl Molly And a dark skin Kali Can I rock both bodies aye New 'Rarri high ride boot shorty Keep it tight But can we boogie on the floor babe Been stressin' all week tryna clear through the door now Balalala banned now Shots like a pro now How low we get n goes around Let me tell ya how it goes down I ain't drivin when it's pour me another cup Is your favorite song on Don't tell me you are in a rush When I give you what I have You tell me it ain't enough I've been tryna clear my mind And wine and dine just See I know just how you like it I back behind ya If I looked up the stars It ain't hard to find ya (Chorus) Messin all 'em a Mary's cash out Smashing all the molly that show Remember how da mess we used to trap out Now we countin' til we pass out (repeat x2) Yo uh we gon party like it's 1980 In a buggy ass 'Cedes With our dope boy Teddy With a nickel bag buggy Go Rolex timer Quit your clown Best climb it Got da bed she's jumpin When you all be poppin Then your love keep comin Say somethin' Break somethin' Shit I'mma tryna work somethin' So you fine Motorbike You can ride me overnight Oh never been the one to judge We restin' back at the club Put it down for my buff My body my only drug We do it like Vegas Rich and famous We do it in major We wakin our neighbors (Chorus) Say yeah yeah yeah.... Say yeah yeah yeah.... Let's party like the 70's Rollin on L tree Broccoli or collard greens It don't matter to me Yeah yeah (repeat w/ adlib x5) 70's L trees Collard greens To me Baby baby

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